Intention and accident.  Structure and disorder.  Observation and action.  The harmony of opposites.  These heartfelt and spiritual explorations drive and guide my creative/human process.  I am drawn to concrete, rusted metal, rocks, and street art. I love the art that nature creates.  From time and exposure, the very soul of an element is revealed. My paintings strive to emulate this natural occurrence in an attempt to explore the relationship between nature and myself.  I am ever fascinated by the argument and agreement between an idea and the outcome.

For many years, I worked primarily with latex paint, epoxy resin and encaustic, which is a wonderful combination of natural beeswax, tree resin and pure pigment.  For some time, my focus has shifted to incorporate cold wax medium into my work.  Cold wax medium is a soft paste consisting of beeswax and solvent.  Combined with oil paints or dry, pure pigments, it allows for great depth, transparency, texture and speed as it dries much more quickly than traditional oil paints.  I love this medium so much that I have begun manufacturing and selling my own brand of cold wax medium called Daneridge Wax.  The work that is emerging here is more emotional, spiritual and centered in the color influence of nature.  All of my paintings are done on wooden panels that I make myself. 

I am originally from Los Angeles and had a career in the film industry for many years before moving to Austin, Texas.  I am a self-taught artist.  My process, like so many other artist's, is unconventional.  I devote my time to painting, spiritual self-discovery, Bikram yoga, and spending as much time in nature as I can.